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Thread: BP during a PVC attack

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    BP during a PVC attack

    Last night I decided to check my BP while having some PVC issues and it was 98/63 which is much lower than normal. I am normally around 120/80 give or take. Also my pulse has been running in the high 50s which I have had through my life. These PVCs vary from day to day and I have even went a couple weeks recently with barely any. I had the normal echo/halter tests so I am trying to avoid bothering my doctor. And more recently I have found the PVC's almost come with a funny feeling in my sternum area, no pain but just an odd feeling. Almost like a sticking feeling in the muscle or like a stomach stick. I dont know how to full explain it.

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    Re: BP during a PVC attack

    Your blood pressure while low is not a concerning low, even if it were lower then that so long as itís not causing you any symptoms like dizziness or fainting it really wouldnít be of concern either.
    Were you by chance having PVCS when you took your blood pressure? Itís not uncommon for ones blood pressure to drop when having PVCS. PVCS come from your ventricles which is the bottom part of your heart and a premature beat coming from the bottom part of your heart results in a less meaningful contraction which results in less blood flow which ultimately results in a lower blood pressure.
    I know ectopics can feel scary and provoke a lot of anxiety but seeing how all your testing was normal, they are harmless.

    I am not sure if you already know all the things to avoid to lessen their frequency but pretty much anything that can irritate your heart, stay away from. Keep your electrolytes balanced. You can try a magnesium supplement, people that suffer from ectopics seem to have some success with that. You can try eating a banana a day to keep your potassium levels good unless you have to be on a low potassium diet but I would not take a potassium supplement unless you had your levels tested and the doctor advises you to do so. Itís really hard to over do magnesium as the body has a hard time absorbing many different forms but potassium is another story. We should get between 3500 and 4700mgs of potassium per day but you donít want to over do it.
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