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Thread: Worse before better on paroxetine?

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    Re: Worse before better on paroxetine?

    Thanks Catkins

    I take short walk every afternoon and then follow it up with a guided meditation to help me relax.

    I still have some side effects from the medication. Namely disturbed sleep and headaches. I find myself alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen every day!

    I am heading into week 8 at the moment. Did you have bad headaches for the first few months? Did they go away or how did you manage them?



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    Re: Worse before better on paroxetine?

    To be honest, I often get headache with anxiety so it's hard to tell if it was the medication or my anxiety.

    The main thing I noticed was a bit of an increase in anxiety levels, but to be honest that passed quite quickly. I think I was quite lucky.

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    Re: Worse before better on paroxetine?

    Yes I get bad headaches from anxiety too but the current headaches seem different and related to the medication.

    The insomnia really sucks. I am tired but cannot sleep. I have been on the melatonin 2-4mg for a week or two but to be honest I think the antihistamine worked better. Clonazepam works great but I do not want to be taking a benzo every night. This is a reason I am hesitant to go to 20mg of paroxetine.

    I believe the insomnia might be the last big hurdle to my recovery.

    Has anyone found a way to deal with paroxetine insomnia effectively?

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