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Thread: Mild pinching pain in left side..heart??

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    Mild pinching pain in left side..heart??

    Hi All, I was hovering in a different forum for almost an year when I had severe shortness of breath due to anxiety ( specifically after I heard SOB was a minor symptom of COVID).
    I finally took therapy and I felt much better in handling my anxiety and found an amazing homeopath who helped me completely break the SOB vicious circle.
    I felt very well for past 2 weeks. I scheduled for my follow up Appt and came to know that Dar passed away :( massive heart attack.
    I canít tell how it feels. I went to his FB page to offer condolences and I saw someone mention is it vaccine side effect that more people are dying due to heart attack. I am due for my second COVID vaccine shot and my anxiety is at peak.
    I feel I am having pains in my heart occasionally. I am super scared about the jab. Feel so depressed

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    Re: Mild pinching pain in left side..heart??

    You are obviously distressed over this whole situation and so I donít think itís just a coincidence that your chest pains started after learning of the passing of your doctor via a heart attack.
    As you well know anxiety can present itself with all kinds of symptoms with shortness of breath and chest pains being two of the most common ones. You must try and reason with yourself. Ask yourself, what is the most likely reason for your symptoms? You found out your doctor passed away from a heart attack, then on his page you read someone posted that heart attack was a side effect from the COVID vaccine which you are due to have your second dose, you become worried and anxious and you start getting chest pains. Can you see the cause and effect here?

    I wouldnít avoid getting my second vaccine because someone thatís probably not a medical professional or scientist said that heart attacks were a side effect of the vaccine. You do not know why your doctor had a heart attack and Iím certain the person that commented on your doctors page also does not know.
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