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Thread: weird stomach noises

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    weird stomach noises

    My stomach has been acting so weird lately, and I am scared that something is terribly wrong. For about two weeks I had a very upset stomach... There was pain on my right side, so I was scared about appendicitis. I went to the doctor, who basically just told me to eat more fiber. Luckily the bad pains have eased, however out of the blue my stomach will make very loud gurgly noises. I wont even feel it. Once it happened, and I could not believe the noise was coming from me... but indeed it was. Of course it can be embarassing, but as a health worrier, I am scared that it means something bad. Does anyone get weird loud noises? It can happen at any time, before or after eating, the middle of the day... it does not seem at all connected to eating. The noises I guess make me feel a little nausous, but for the most part it is just the noise... no cramps or anything. Ahhh why cant I just be normal.
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    Re: weird stomach noises

    Are you particularly anxious at the moment? Because I remember getting those strange noises about 2 years ago when I was going through a severe bout of anxiety. I also got pain on the right side of my stomach and the doctor told me that it was probably IBS. Looking back I'm sure that's what it was, and now that I'm a lot better mentally it seems to have gone.
    Good luck I hope that helped a bit.

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    Re: weird stomach noises

    The noises are called Borborygmi and are perfectly normal 'digestive' noises, caused by gas passing through the gut.

    I get this sometimes and it can be embarrassing but it really doesn't mean there's anything wrong. I get it particularly when I lie on my back, and if I've had a lot of coffee.

    People with IBS tend to have more of these noises than others.

    Hope that helps xxx
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