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Thread: Big spot on head has me panicking

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    Big spot on head has me panicking

    Basically the title. I cut my hair today and noticed this big reddish brownish? spot on my head. My hair has been long for years so I never would've noticed anything. I immediately went into a full blown panic attack when I saw this.


    Does anyone know what it is? Or does anyone else have it?

    I'm trying to make a dermatology appointment ASAP :(

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    Re: Big spot on head has me panicking

    Looks a bit like eczema. I get it in my hair from time to time when I'm anxious. When I do I switch to Head and Shoulders sensitive and it usually clears up.

    Are you getting any help with your HA?

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    Re: Big spot on head has me panicking

    I get spots on my head from time to time. I do t know what causes them. They go away after a while.

    My dermatologist is a melanoma specialist. He doesnít think itís worth it to check my hair. He said in all his years as a doctor heís never had a case of melanoma under someoneís hair. Heís had a couple of cases in the part of the hair, but never under a lot of hair. So, he just checks my part.

    I donít know if that helps, but it doesnít look like melanoma to me.


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    Re: Big spot on head has me panicking

    That reminds me very much of some spots I had on my upper chest / shoulders several years ago. Showed them to my doctor and he said it was tinea versicolor, which is a common fungal infection. It's safe to Google the condition, it's very common, not contagious, and is easily treated. My doctor said he could prescribe selenium sulfide or I could buy it myself - it's just Selsun Blue. He said to rub a bit on the spots each day. I simply ignored it, and the spots eventually disappeared on their own.

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