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Thread: Feeling a tiny, rubbery lump in neck near clavicle

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    Feeling a tiny, rubbery lump in neck near clavicle

    Hello everyone, I'm not a new member here but I've been managing my HA for a long time relatively well after a small scare that sent me down quite a rabbit hole. I'm a 32 year old male, for reference.

    Last Saturday (5 days ago) I got my second dose of the Covid vaccine (Pfizer) my arm was very sore and that was generally my only symptom, I was perhaps a little run-down but it's hard to tell. I was talking in a group chat with three other fellows and one of them said they had similar arm soreness, but they also had really swollen and tender lymph nodes on the side where they got the shot.

    This is where my mini-spiral started. In the shower that evening I stupidly decided to check my nodes on that side and I found a small rubbery-feeling little lump in the left side of my neck. It's pretty far off to the left, 3-4 cm or so above my collarbone and about 8cm left of the center of my windpipe.

    I would judge it smaller than a pea even, and very mobile. The issue that sticks in my head is the location (do not ever google supraclavicular lymph node) and the fact that it feels pretty firm and rubbery. Its not tender (aside from messing with it) or anything, it feels too far below my skin to be a lipoma or cyst. It just feels like a little rubbery, mobile, lump thing.

    The problem is that it's completely sent me into a spiral. It's like my Health Anxiety has taken all of this time off to really work out and get fit and now that it's back it's beating the crap out of me.

    I guess I'm just here to see if anyone has ever had something similar.

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    Re: Feeling a tiny, rubbery lump in neck near clavicle

    From what I have read reactive lymph nodes are a common side effect of the vaccine. I wouldnít worry about it and I wouldnít go poking and prodding trying to find more because you can cause a lymph node to react by poking at it, not to mention you run the risk of having it become permanently enlarged by poking at it. We donít need to go around checking out body for enlarged lymph nodes because they make themselves known when there is a problem.

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