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Thread: IBS??

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    Hello, those who suffer with IBS, do you have just diarrhoea and wind pain which gets better once you have been to the toilet?
    My husband has had loose stools for a few weeks, no blood just diarrhoea and sometimes pain until he goes.
    Doctors are testing for infection but he has changed a few things in his diet recently but has reverted back to original diet a week ago.
    Just wondered if anyone else has had similar symptoms.

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    Re: IBS??

    Yes ibs can be either diarrhoea or constipation or a combination. Pain also is a major factor for most, myself included. I now know the foods that will cause me a lot of pain so mostly avoid but because they are things I like I sometimes just accept the pain and take few buscopan
    A change in diet will also affect digestion of course. Hope your husband feels back to normal soon.

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    Re: IBS??

    Thanks very much for replying. It was very much appreciated.

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    Re: IBS??

    I have combo, one moment cant go at all, then finally go, weeks to a month of normal stools, then eat a little bit of no no food and loose stool for days, and upset tummy..through trial and error (FODMAP) I cannot eat onion, garlic, avocado, any item that has itol at the end like sorbitol, or HFCS, I get horrible stomach pains like someone is stabbing my insides and lots of gas and burping, so he may be having IBS issues. Hope he feels better soon.
    One day at a time

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    Re: IBS??

    Sounds very typical

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    Re: IBS??

    Thank you 😁

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    Re: IBS??

    Thank you.

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    Re: IBS??

    Can I ask do you get back pain with IBS, Iíve started having terrible upper back pain on the left side, lost quite a bit of weight, have reflux issues and recently feel like my poo is quite greasy.
    Iím petrified I have pancreatic cancer, I had a friend who died of this quite quickly after diagnosis and his only symptoms pre diagnosis where lost weight snd back ache,
    Gp thinks itís GERD or potentially IBS but said if Iím still worried she will arrange further tests.

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