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Thread: feeling weak suddenly

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    feeling weak suddenly

    I was doing yoga this afternoon and while I was doing a stretch I suddenly felt like I was going to faint, my limbs went tingly. The feeling went away once I lied down. I hadn't eaten yet so I went downstairs to have food and some sugar, but I've been feeling weak ever since. It's tiring to even sit up and type this on my computer. Feels like normal things suddenly take all my energy. I'm unsure what's going on or why it happened so suddenly. I'm trying not to worry, writing here and posting it should help alieviate some of my worries

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    Re: feeling weak suddenly

    Could well be low blood sugar that made you feel a bit waffy. Then going and eating something sweet would make your blood sugar rocket and then if you haven't eaten anything slow/medium release your blood sugar rapidly goes down again. Sugar low/sugar high/sugar low. It feels terrible when it happens and can leave you feeling quite shaky and unwell.

    Small regular meals and don't exercise on an empty stomach (even yoga).

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    Re: feeling weak suddenly

    Hey there - could it be that the sudden spike of anxiety that hit you when you went all tingly made you feel “off” for the rest of the day? Like you’re constantly waiting for it to happen again? I only mention this because I struggle with exercise of any kind for this reason. It’s a constant battle for me - I had a couple “rough” anxiety type symptoms occur during exercise before so now it’s like I’m almost anticipating and over analyzing every feeling I have when I try exercising now. I do my best to push through and keep going, sometimes are more successful than others lol. And when this happens, it can leave me feeling not quite right and sort of shaky for quite awhile afterwards. I know it’s more than likely the adrenaline.

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    Re: feeling weak suddenly

    Thanks yall, you're probably both right. I was still feeling weak for a few days afterwards but I'm feeling ok now...

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    Re: feeling weak suddenly

    I agree with the above, if I have anything happen that triggers a panic response I feel washed out for ages afterwards. Most likely you had a drop in blood pressure or blood sugar doing yoga and it made you panic which account for the washed out feeling.

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    Re: feeling weak suddenly

    Yeah thanks, I was doing yoga again and I could feel the panic rising when I was doing the similar pose that triggered me before. I'm still feeling funky since then, a lot of the days I feel like my muscles are slightly shaking/vibrating but not enough to be visible. Or my tolerance for being hungry is lower all of a sudden. Even if my stomach's a little empty I can feel the weakness coming back, I'm usually good at being hungry for a while if I have to. Hoping this is just a weird moment that will go away

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    Re: feeling weak suddenly

    Which pose were you in? I teach yoga, and there can be physiological reasons why a particular pose doesn't work for an individual. But it's always possible to modify. If you have a strong practice (ashtanga or similar) maybe focus on restorative for a while to allow your anxiety to flow through you?

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