Hi NMP Friends

I am looking for anyone who would either want to be an online anxiety supportive friend, or alternatively a walking buddy for trips out around the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, as my partner with whom I used to walk with, now has a disability and is unable to walk long distances. I personally have struggled since lockdown with worsening general anxiety symptoms and am now trying to pull myself out of this situation. I am a married man (heterosexual) with grown up children, so am just looking for a straightforward friendship with anyone anxious, regardless of age/race/class/gender/sexuality/religion/etc. I love history and walking around historic sites/museums, countryside, seaside etc. Obviously a man of a similar age and circumstances (with children grown up, or not) would be ideal, but friendship is diverse and I am happy to consider any friendships with anyone that feels there is a mutual beneficial friendship interest. I am very liberal in outlook, so have no problems in accepting people regardless of their considered class, socio-economic background, race, gender, sexuality, religion etc. If you feel we could make a friendship work, either on-line or out walking, please feel free to PM me.

Best wishes