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Thread: Breast lump?

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    Breast lump?

    Hi there,

    I just came back a couple of hours ago from the GP. I went to see a doctor, because I was a little concerned originally about my left breast seeming bigger than my right, which I wasn't sure if it was normal for me, as I don't remember there being a difference before. I also was concerned because my nipple seems to stick out more when it gets hard on my left, and my bra felt tighter in places.
    But after having my breast examined (I'm not good at self-examination personally as I'll just spiral everytime I feel something that could be potentially normal), she said she felt two little lumps in my RIGHT breast so she's referred me to the breast clinic. I asked as my anxiety was spiking already (didn't help I was already anxious from being in the doctor's surgery surrounded by other people), and she said it seems likely it could be cysts but since she doesn't know for sure she's referring me regardless.
    I'm not actually sure where she felt these lumps as it's not something I've noticed myself, I do sometimes get discomfort on my right hand side around my ribs, and previously I had worried about feeling something like a little lump before around the side rib area but that was dismissed when I saw a doctor before who said she "couldn't feel anything", although she didn't really put much time or effort into checking. I also had tried to contact my GP before regarding the breast size about 3 months ago who replied and had dismissed it saying it's "normal" for women to have one larger than the other, (this wasn't face to face but over a text message), and it made me feel silly for asking. (For the record I believe this was a male doctor previously who had said that).

    The GP I saw today apologized for the previous times I had tried to see someone and said it shouldn't have happened and I should have been given the chance to see someone then. In the end the GP I saw today didn't even mention anything regarding the breast size thing, I forgot to ask before I left, but I'm sure I can probably mention it at the breast clinic when I go.

    In any case I am a little concerned. I know breast lumps can be normal in some circumstances (idk what is normal for me tho), and I know there's prob any number of benign reasons for them too. I am a little anxious tho as you can imagine having been referred for a 2 week referral. Are painless little cysts common? Is it possible they could be within the tissue? (lump not visible unless feeling). Has anyone had little lumps that turn out to be nothing?

    Btw I'm 36 years old and on the contraceptive pill.

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    Re: Breast lump?

    I've had the 2 2-week referrals to the breast clinic twice. Both times it was because it was difficult for the GP to definitely say what was going on. At one of them (I can't remember which), they said I had very dense breast tissue which can feel lumpy, I also had a cyst identified at the second one - which I hadn't actually felt myself (I'd gone about the other boob). I'm now of an age to get called for breast screening. The last time I absolutely crapped myself because I got recalled when I had not felt anything wrong. They checked and it was another cyst in a different place and I had to have it drained.

    So yes painless cysts are common for me and you can't always necessarily feel them yourself.

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