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Thread: This mucus in stools is making me quite worried

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    This mucus in stools is making me quite worried

    First off I need to say sorry but this post will probably be pretty TMI...

    Ok, so basically I've been having what I assume is IBS since September of last year. It all started suddenly after a very stressful move to a new apartment. I called my doctor after about a month and got an appointment for several blood tests which all came back completely fine. After that my symtoms (which at that point were loose stools in the morning, bloating, stomach cramps, lack of appetite and excessive wind...) seemed to calm down for a bit. I could go days or sometimes as long as a week with barely any symtoms at all.
    Then it slowly started creeping back.

    I'm not as bad as I was back in September. I very rarely have stomach cramps or loose stools anymore and my appetite is back to normal. I do however still have an "upset" stomach pretty much daily and pass a lot of wind, especielly in the morning after breakfast.

    The thing that bothers me most right now is the mucus though.
    When I first started experiencing these stomach issues I never had any mucus. It started to appear a few weeks later on. In the beginning I just had it maybe an odd day here and there but right now it seems constant, almost every day.

    The mucus in itself is clear or sometimes slightly yellow or orange in color (I assume it's been colored by the stool). Sometimes it comes out when I go for a BM, but sometimes (and this is the most distressing part) is it comes out just when I think I'm going to let go of a little wind. I've become so scared of farting now that I go to the toilet for it "just in case there's mucus".
    I need to point out that it's not exactly "a lot" of it. Usually only a few drops I would say, but it can keep going for quite some time and I've had quite a lot of these "wet fart days" lately.

    I'm usually more on the constipated side, which can explain some of the mucus I suppose, but I've been pretty much constipated most of my life and never had this kind of issues before.

    I don't even know if I should feel embarrassed by this or if it even sounds slightly funny. Believe it or not but as I'm typing this I even let go of a giggle here and there x)

    So I guess what I'd like to know is if any people out there experience mucus with IBS? Even if you just think you gonna let go of a little wind? Or if people have IBS where the symtoms have changed over time?

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    Re: This mucus in stools is making me quite worried

    I have in the past. I'd have it checked out to set your mind at rest. It's quite common I think but I'm not a doctor!
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    Re: This mucus in stools is making me quite worried

    It's common with IBS.
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    Re: This mucus in stools is making me quite worried

    Slightly different symptoms but very similar here, figured I would add to it . I have gerd & suspected ibs . I've seen mucus on & off - but no mucus by itself yet. One thing I did notice , not sure if anyone has. I've had lighter colored stools tanish/cardboard like I guess is the best way to describe it . Some yellowish tinge as well which seems to be more prominent yellowish when taking pepcid.

    Has anyone else noticed lighter color/ yellow stool & attributed it to gerd/ibs or antacids ?

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