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Thread: Tailbone Pain

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    Tailbone Pain

    A few weeks ago I developed some tailbone pain. I had been sitting with pretty bad posture for hours a day. And considering I have lost a bit of weight, I'm a bit more "boney" now than in my past. So there seems to be a non-serious explanation for it.

    But my health anxiety causes me to connect dots that I probably shouldn't be connecting.

    So I start thinking that maybe I have prostate cancer because I have also been noticing a greater frequency of going to the bathroom to pee (at times going about 13 times a day).

    There could be non-serious explanations for this as well, because I do have a tendency to drink a lot of water. I have also seen frequent urination as a symptom of anxiety, which kind of makes sense to me.

    Regardless, I just want to know if my pee frequency is something that other people experience. Same for the tailbone pain.

    I will bring this stuff up with my doctor the next time I see him so you don't have to tell me, but I'm just trying to calm my nerves a bit right now. I've been going down some very bad roads in my mind recently over this (despite refraining from googling); with thoughts that I have advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bone. When these thoughts take over my mind I start living in a really bad depressive mode. It's not good for me psychologically. So any common experiences would help with this.

    EDIT: 8/2/21

    I'm going in to see my doctor tomorrow. I have general pelvic pain and pressure radiating around the bladder, lower back, testicles and rectal area. I don't know what he'd be able to do for me when I go in, but I'm really hoping this is all just my anxiety running wild and there isn't a serious health problem here.
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    Re: Tailbone Pain

    I think you have real cause and effect here. You have bad posture, and have lost significant weight (assuming on purpose). Probably a key factor in that weight loss is drinking a ton of water? I’m in the same boat. Almost down 30 lbs now and I drink enough water in a day to float a boat lol. As a result I’m constantly peeing.

    I don’t know how old you are, but prostate cancer is one of the slowest growing cancers. My father in law has had it for 12 years with no changes or treatment. They just keep an eye on it. I don’t think there’s any way you all of a sudden have advanced prostate cancer and it’s in your bones. I would definitely chalk this up to the posture, and buy a cushion for your chair. Or a new chair entirely.

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    Re: Tailbone Pain

    I had lost a bit of weight in May due to my anxiety and lack of appetite. My weight is starting to normalize now, but I had gotten pretty boney and unhealthy looking for a while.

    I have heard that prostate cancer grows slowly, but I think my pee frequency has been kind of high for the past few years. I think. It could just be a situation where I just simply didn't pay any attention to my pee frequency, but then that changed a few years ago. So that could be what's going on.

    (I'm 33 btw)

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    Re: Tailbone Pain

    My wife injured her tailbone in a fall a month ago. In addition to some meds from the doctor, I got her one of those butt pads that have the cut out for her tail bone. She loves it. Highly recommended!

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    Re: Tailbone Pain

    Firstly congratulations on losing some weight.

    In my opinion you are wise to refrain from using Google.

    Please don't take this the wrong way, this is meant to try and help and not upset you.

    In my opinion, reassurance is one of the things that keep health anxiety going. It is a circle. for example:

    Spot an symptom - research symptom - panic - seek reassurance - feel better

    Unfortunately most people with health anxiety end up at square one and repeat the cycle. My councillor thinks this is because we are basically suffering from anxiety and our anxiety kind of links to health. Some people worry about washing hands, locking doors etc. By addressing the anxiety you can help your health anxiety.

    I would bring this up with your doctor if it is still a problem, however in the mean time, try and use calm logic to help your anxiety. Make a list of logical arguments. You have already mentioned most of the below.

    1) Back pain is common.
    2) You sit with bad posture for hours a day.
    3) Toilet trips can be caused by anxiety and other issues. such as what you already suggested you drink lots of water and anxiety.

    While you wait to see your doctor, you could try sitting better, using a cushion, moving around more, etc.

    I hope you feel better soon, both physically and mentally.
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    Re: Tailbone Pain

    Yeah, the reassurance is a cycle for sure.

    What's annoying is that I will sometimes bring up a symptom that I have from anxiety with people I know, and then they'll insist that I get it checked out on the basis that it could be something really bad... Even though I've already gone through the intense psychological strain of assuring myself that the problem comes from my anxiety and not a serious medical issue.

    Like it's almost better to just not even talk about this stuff sometimes.

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