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Thread: Shingles….help!!

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    It’s been a crazy two weeks of stress for me and the end result is…..shingles! Holy heck this is horrible!! It’s mainly in my right thigh and there is a spot on my lower back too. I went straight to urgent care once I saw the rash and I’m on day 3 of antivirals. Here is where my HA has kicked in to overdrive. I’m on day 3 and the rash keeps spreading, I read on a post here that shingles can be a sign of a major underlying health condition (like leukemia)??? I had full blood work done in May and I’m as healthy as I can be (I’m 39). The only thing I’ve done from now until my blood work is get vaccinated for COVID and stress like crazy because of personal things going on in my life. Please tell me this will pass because I’m going down a dark rabbit hole and I just can’t handle that.

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    Re: Shingles….help!!

    Here are some encouraging words for you. I know 3 people personally who had shingles and nothing else was wrong with them. My mother had shingles, my sister and my sister-in-law (not all at the same time! LOL!). In fact, my sister-in-law gets shingles every year at the same time. She's been tested for everything because it's so odd to get it every year and at the same time. All is's been going on for over 10 years for her so they would have found something or she'd be dead by now. The only thing she can attribute it to is a yearly party she and her husband have for their entire community. Literally hundreds of people show up to their home. I think it's the stress of the party. She says she loves it (it being the party). I would absolutely hate it...but she and I are two different people. My sister got shingles after her dog the cause (stressor) was clear. My mom got shingles for no particular reason...this was at least 20 years ago. Hang in there.

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    Re: Shingles….help!!

    Thank you! I guess I’m just impatient maybe with this. I mean I’ve been on the medication for 4 days now and the area that it all started in is getting so much better but now the pain is moving up into my midline. I’m so confused, drs say this is normal, google says it’s not. I’m a wreck that is in pain and oh so confused

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