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Thread: Testicular cancer

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    Re: Testicular cancer

    Iíll paste what the article said.

    ďBoys who have undescended testicles have 2.4 times the risk of developing testicular cancer for every 6 months delay of getting the procedure to bring it down, the risk goes up by 6 percent.Ē

    This is why I figured 12 percent a year for about 22 years is 240 percent but that doesnít make sense.

    If any of you can help with that Iíd appreciate it. I heard it wasnít as high as I was claiming. But I suck at math

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    Re: Testicular cancer

    No sense in doing so. You'll get your scan and see your doctor. In the mean time stay off Dr. Google and try to stop ruminating on negativity.

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    Re: Testicular cancer


    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your thread was merged with another of your threads.

    Please when posting on similar topics add it onto your previous post rather than starting a new one.

    It is nothing personal it is just to make it easier for people to follow your story and to give you advice as a whole.

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    Re: Testicular cancer

    Easier said than done. I just am curious if my chances arenít that high to get it.

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    Re: Testicular cancer

    Ok so they did the ultrasound. They said the right testicle was normal and healthy and I have to get a ct scan to see if the left one is undescended. So I guess more waiting and worrying.

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