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Thread: Scoliosis of spine?

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    Scoliosis of spine?

    Hi all, I hope everyone's keeping well.

    I'm just looking for a small bit of advice. I posted about this before but would like to know if there's any other opinions on it.
    I noticed some time ago that my daughter's spine is not in the centre, the lower part of it. It looks as if it goes to the right and comes back to the centre again, like the lower half of an 's'. She's 13.
    As it's summer now she's wearing a lot of short tops so that part of her back is exposed. I have found myself not looking at her back on purpose, mainly because I was too scared of what I'd see. But I looked this evening and it's definitely not centered.
    I said it to my husband and he said he'd have a look, which he did (obviously without my daughter knowing it). He agreed it is a bit off centre and said maybe we should mention it to a doctor (he doesn't suffer from HA).

    I remember when I was 12, all of the girls in my class in school were checked for scoliosis. But they seem to have stopped doing that now, not sure why. I'm not saying she has scoliosis but is it very common in girls her age and how bad can it get?
    And I know we are not symmetrical but the spine is something that I feel should be down the centre.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has got any opinions on this. I'm actually managing to stay a bit calm about it but I want to do what's right. I don't want my daughter to find out in years to come that it's something that should have been looked after when she was a teenager but I didn't say anything because I was mixing up HA with the right decision.

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    Re: Scoliosis of spine?

    Is this the same daughter that has been having pain and which you are requesting an MRI?

    If so, this could absolutely be the culprit of her pain. But before you begin to worry, let me be absolutely clear that scoliosis is so common and very very rarely require any type of treatment. I have a pretty good curve in my spine and it causes me some pain when I'm standing or sitting for long periods of time but that's it. Some simple exercises and regular stretches help me to keep it in check.

    Best Wishes
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    Re: Scoliosis of spine?

    Yes it's the same daughter.

    The pain she's complaining of at the moment isn't in her back. It's more like in her bum, the part you'd sit down on. I don't know if scoliosis could cause pain there. She'll be having her mri in a few weeks but that will only do her pelvic area, not her spine.

    I want to approach this as cautiously as I can. I would like to get it checked, in case it's something that needs to be seen to now. But at the same time not have her worrying about it. I don't even want to say to her that I just noticed her spine isn't in the center in case it worries her or she gets self conscious about it.
    It's difficult to get this right

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