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Thread: My brother has died

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    My brother has died


    just heard my oldest brother has died, not sure of the circumstances. He was in failing health but had left a note. He would have been 73 this month.
    I visited him last week, had a huge sense of urgency and took him two of his favourite cakes which I know he was happily eating all last week. It was the first time I had seen him since Covid started. He was anti-vaxx (Covid would have killed him instantly, he had heart problems) and didn't even believe in Covid. He felt the pandemic had 'stolen his old age'. So, so glad I got there last week.

    When I was born my Mum and I didn't bond. David was 12 and he became a surrogate parent. All the love and security I had seemed to come from him. He went to Oxford Uni and started on a lifetime of drugs use. But I loved him so much. He was one of those whose MH ensured they trod the line between genius and insanity, and he fell off the line several times.

    RIP my dear brother. May you be peaceful. xxx
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    Re: My brother has died

    Hi , so sorry for your loss , it’s been such a hard time to have loved ones in ill health or lose them , I lost my mum last year and couldn’t see her at the end that will always bother me , it was nice that you got to see him and made a last act of kindness in taking a cake , I’m sure that meant a lot to him to feel loved .
    Take care .

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    Re: My brother has died

    I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like you were very close to him, and that you both cared for each other a lot.

    Mental and physical health struggles really do take a toll. I recently lost a brother to mental health issues. I like to think that he is doing better now, wherever his soul may be. I hope your brother is at peace too.

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    Re: My brother has died

    I'm really sorry to here you have post your big brother, Gill.

    Even though his last year was such a trial for him, being there in that last week would have meant so much to him and you.

    How you felt for him must have been the same for him, that you were part sister and daughter. That's a very special bond and it must be a serious blow to lose him. Knowing his health, at his age, I wonder if you had in some way prepared yourself this day would come? I've seen how my parents have done this as they've grown older knowing older siblings and friends would pass well before them. It must still be an awful day when it comes but I hope you may take comfort from making his last days so much better.
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    Re: My brother has died

    I'm so very sorry for your loss.

    Try and remember the good times...

    Big hugs. X
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    Re: My brother has died

    I am so sorry to read this. You must be devastated. You are in my thoughts

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    Re: My brother has died

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. Thinking of you.
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    Re: My brother has died

    So glad you got to see him last week. I'm so very sorry, Speranza...You may have known he was in failing health but you must be so shocked by this very sad news

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    Re: My brother has died

    I really am sorry to hear this Speranza. I wish you strength and comfort in your very sad loss
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    Re: My brother has died

    To Speranza, so sorry to hear the sad news of your brother.

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