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Thread: How do I get the courage

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    How do I get the courage

    I'm driving myself (and family) insane with this. In January I noticed a small round lump in my armpit. I've been too scared to go to the docs, but it's dominating my life. I'm seeing a private psychologist who says everything is being hindered in terms of my recovery from drinking/ocd/anxiety, because I have this huge worry that I won't get checked out. I'm just terrified ill be referred and told I have cancer. I also am late for my smear, around 2 years now for the same reason. Im just having a total nightmare and can't seem to muster the courage to just go and put myself out of my misery whatever the outcome, because this is limbo. Any advice would be really helpful X

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    Re: How do I get the courage

    I know it’s really not helpful, and easier said than done because I’ve been where you’re at. But really the only thing anyone can say is to just go. There are no tips or tricks really. I just had to force myself to make the appointment, try to get one as soon as I could so I wouldn’t have time to talk myself out of it, and then go.

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    Re: How do I get the courage

    Hi LF

    I completely understand your fear

    Up until my last 2 smears (which were normal) I hadnít been for 9 years 😳

    I wish we could all go along with you and reassure you that you can deal with this just make the appt and concentrate on how proud of yourself you are for just making it and then just go

    All this worry could be elevated with that visit and if not and you are referred it doesnít mean the worst has happened it means you are being looked after by the best health service in the world

    You have youth on your side so thatís a positive Iím sure you are fit and healthy normally another positive just go and get this sorted for the sake of your mental health

    All the best 🙂

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