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Thread: nausea feeling

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    Re: nausea feeling

    Quote Originally Posted by pulisa View Post
    They won't.

    You have got yourself into an HA spiral. You have to accept and believe this. New meds will worry you with all the uncertainties re potential side effects etc. I'm sure your dad understands your anxieties better than you think he does because he is just trying to reassure you with facts. Your GP isn't worried about you, health-wise. You have no red flag symptoms. You are not pale, weak, fatigued and anaemic. Your main issue is HA but you have to believe this to get better mentally and lessen your anxiety.
    It did not turn my poop pink colour with the tablets, the tablets so far has made me feel less nausea. I have bad health anxiety,

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    Re: nausea feeling

    Yes you do but you can learn to manage it better. It won't always be like this.

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    Re: nausea feeling

    I hope I can managed it better, but the poop checking for colour has still not gone away. I do eat a lot of lighter colour foods like chicken, white bread etc.

    I dont think I ever had grey colour stool/clay

    pale = white

    If I had anything wrong with my liver etc, I would look yellow

    I am not getting dark urine
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