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Thread: Long term pain in penis

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    Long term pain in penis

    Hi, it has been quite a few years since I posted on here. I had some serious problems with health anxiety in the past. A lot of it was to do with a tight feeling in my throat, spent a lot of time worrying myself silly with that. I still get it occasionally but I feel I am far more equipped to deal with it now. And the same with any other medical problems I haven't let any of them get me into a real state for a long time.

    That is until now. Early in February this year I had a bit of a stinging when I went to the toilet to urinate. Called the doctor and he prescribed my antibiotics. 3 courses of antibiotics later the problem was still there and now I had a constant pain in my penis. The pain is always there but sometimes it is worse than others, and I get shooting pains at times too. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where in the penis the pain is, it seems to affect all parts of it. I also get shooting pain in my testicles sometimes but not at all times.

    The doctor referred me to see a urologist. Three months passed and I had still heard nothing and the problem was still ongoing. It doesn't really hurt when I urinate now but the flow of the urine doesn't seem as strong as it once was and sometimes goes off in a different direction to what it should. I managed to get a face to face doctors appointment which is really hard to get because of Covid. The doctor did a physical exam of my prostate and said it didn't seem to be enlarged. Gave me some pain killers and sent me on my way telling me to wait for the urologist. More time passed and still nothing so I called again and the Doctor said he would chase up the referral. We are now over 6 months and still nothing. The doctor said my referral is now logged as urgent so I should hear something very soon. That was 2 weeks ago.

    I finally committed the sin and googled symptoms ( I know this is an awful idea) I didn't actually find anything that specifically matched what I am going through. I am in constant pain down there, sometimes it is managable sometimes it is horrible. The worry is now becoming as bad as the actual symptoms, which is something I have fought hard to avoid. After such a long time in pain it is hard and no real answers I am finding it difficult to manage. The pain may not be excruciating but it is enough to stop me functioning properly day to day, and I feel I am falling into a bad depression now.

    I don't know if anyone has suffered anything similar, I think it just feels good to write this down. I don't really have anyone to talk to, other than my wife who is probably sick of listening to me about it now, she has been great and very supportive. I have two young children 8 and 10 so I try not to let it affect them or let them see I am struggling, although it is very difficult. I am 45 years old by the way.

    Thank you for listening.

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    Re: Long term pain in penis

    Hope your doing ok. Almost feels
    Like the doctors are in hiding atm.

    Did you get your appointment though?

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    Re: Long term pain in penis

    No I am still waiting. The Doctors even called me to tell me that the referral was now marked as urgent, that was around ten days ago I think, days just all feel the same right now I lose track.

    I'm not really doing okay I am struggling a lot. Thank you so much for asking though, hopefully, I will have some better news soon.

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    Re: Long term pain in penis

    This really sucks big time!

    It's as if some doctors have deliberately been using this pandemic as an excuse to 'swing the lead' and do as little as possible. And when patients complain, even in the politest of manners, they start playing the 'zero tolerance' card!

    My biggest bugbears is when they don't return phone calls or even bother to phone you or send you a letter to inform you if appointments, etc, have to be cancelled or postponed. Hardly rocket science is it?

    Perhaps it's about time the NHS (and likewise organisations) started developing 'zero tolerance' policies against certain lazy (and power-mad) employees wilfully treating us patients with contempt, especially when we're not actually being abusive towards them in any way.

    After all, respect is a two-way street.

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    Re: Long term pain in penis

    I Finally got to see the urologist last Saturday. That is around 8 or 9 months since the first symptoms and at least 7 months since I was referred.

    I had to have a camera in my penis to see what was going on as the urologist felt it could be a problem with my water tubes from the symptoms I described. It was not a pleasant experience! There was nothing wrong in there. I also had my prostate examined.

    I left with no answers just the promise of more tests. I am still suffering with it and have no idea what is wrong. At least the ball is rolling now I guess. As well as the physical pain it is very draining mentally having pain there constantly. I really hope they can find some answers that can help.

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