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Thread: Favourite YouTube channels

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    Re: Favourite YouTube channels

    Just watched Techmoan's latest video which demonstrates a (kind of) early prototype of a great new portable miniature vinyl record player from a German brand, who supplied him directly with the item to review.

    Whilst he pointed out a couple of minor flaws, such as the speed running slightly too fast and the left and right stereo channels reversed, he was very complimentary that a new manufacturer in Germany was actually investing the time, effort and money into a decent budget-priced portable record player (complete with magnetic-type pickup), which he proclaimed has so far been sadly neglected by almost all of the major manufacturers/brands of such devices since the mid-80s, when vinyl first fell out of favour to CDs.

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    Re: Favourite YouTube channels

    All the stations

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    Re: Favourite YouTube channels

    I quite like Rate My Takeaway - that guy takes his takeaway sampling so seriously and he cracks me up. Light relief from all this world madness....

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