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Thread: Very bad travel anxiety..

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    Very bad travel anxiety..

    Today i travelled to my parents who live in a different country. But the anxiety during travelling is so bad.. It's a contant anxiety feeling like i'm on the verge of a panic attack all the time. With a heavy feeling in my stomach.. It's intense, even though i don't get an actual panic attacks anymore, i feel like i'm contantly about to have one. Like i'm on a rollercoaster and hanging on for my life.. that's the only way i can describe it.

    I'm here for 15 days and wondering how i'm going to cope. i want to feel good and enjoy time with my parents, but the anxiety makes it so difficult.

    Does anyone have this and how do you cope?
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    Re: Very bad travel anxiety..

    Does anyone have this too? Not so much the anxiety when flying, but the being in a new area and really having to get used to it. My anxiety is still pretty bad, it goes up and down during the day

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    Re: Very bad travel anxiety..

    HI Panda,

    I don't get this, but, can you put your finger on your fear. Can you describe your thoughts about being away from home ? Its clear that you are feeling a background stress response, that is there much of the time, but I was wondering if you could explain a little more about the fears.

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    Re: Very bad travel anxiety..

    Sounds to me Panda as if you have a measure of agoraphobia that is causing all this anxiety.

    I experience this constantly if I have to be away from my home ('safe space') even overnight, let along being away for a couple of weeks in another country. Have to mentally steel myself for days before a trip - talking myself out of the 'what if this or that happens?' - all the time knowing that I can't immediately get home if the fears overcome me. Usually the anticipation of the event is worse than the actual experience ... but it doesn't stop me getting wound up each time.

    All perfectly normal feelings Panda when you are in an anxiety state - you just have to mentally calm yourself, taking each part of the trip in stages and getting through it. And you will do!

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    Re: Very bad travel anxiety..

    It's a kind of phobia that I had to get over. This separation from home that you are far from your hometown can cause you a state of continuous anxiety. What can help you, in the long term, is to work with a therapist, but in the short time, the pills. I have had therapies for two years weekly so that I can get rid of this constant fear. Now I feel much better and much freer to make the choices I want to make. I travel every year, alone. I recently returned from Germany. I had a great experience; I walked on the old streets, I saw much sightseeing, and I went to one of the most beautiful castles in the world, called Schloss Neuschwanstein
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    Re: Very bad travel anxiety..

    I have a travel anxiety as well. The more I'm far from my hometown the more I am nervous and feel alienated. I travel to a neighbor country in 2019 (before the covid pandemic) and while walking on streets a felt pressured and wanted to come back all the time. The thing that helped was talking to my friends and relatives via phone/chatting and listening to what's new in their lives.

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    Re: Very bad travel anxiety..

    Hello Panda
    I think I can relate to your situation, usually, I always have a feeling of anxiety when I need to travel, which usually comes related to crowded spaces like terminals and airports. On the other hand, I always loved to do ecotourism, and to see nature in other places, nature always makes me feel well.

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