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Thread: How I share Images in a Forum

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    How I share Images in a Forum

    Hi guys, how you doing.

    I’ve recently read and seen people often struggling with how to attach an image into a forum post. I use an image hosting site to do this. The one I use is called 'imgBB'

    The image you see below the video link ... is an example I used in the following 'How To' video.

    The How To Video:

    An image I took back around 2014 whilst in knee deep calm water about 20 meters out from the beach at high tide:

    Linked BBcode as medium sized (URL Removed)

    Using Forum Image Attach Feature
    Rug and shoes.jpg

    Another test using the forum image attachment feature.
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    Re: How I share Images in a Forum

    Thank you, Ponder, for that tutorial. Wishing you well and thinking about you, and please know you're very welcome to post here, but no pressure, of course.


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