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Thread: Cervical cancer fears

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    Cervical cancer fears

    Before I say this, I know I should get yearly pap smears and it's stupid of me to not had one.

    I didn't become sexually active until I 3 years ago when I turned 30. The first time I had sex was extremely painful and found out I had vaginisums. Which basically means due to anxiety or other causes your vaginal walls tighten up and restrict things going in.

    I started therapy for it cured it. Mines was anxiety induced and needed to be calm. After about a 1 and half of being sexually active I tried to get a pap smear. I told the doctor to be gentle but she didn't care and . My anxiety kicked in walls started tightening and the exam couldn't be completed.

    Since then I've avoided going to the gyno. It's been 3 years since I've become sexually active and I saw a advertisement yesterday for cervical cancer screening and how women wind up with advanced stages because they don't get pap smears.

    This is sending my anxiety over the edge.

    I've booked a pap smear after that, but I'm now I have cervical fears and I'm fearing having to have an examine down there.

    I feel like such an idiot and coward for not going to get a pap smear sooner.

    I'm also unsure of they'll be able to complete the pap smear after what happened last time.

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    Re: Cervical cancer fears


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    Re: Cervical cancer fears

    Deep breathing and consciously relax your body.

    If you relax your body it is over in SECONDS. I had one done a few weeks ago, I was in and out of the room in less than 5 mins and that included small talk before, undressing bottom half and re-dressing and quick joke afterwards.

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    Re: Cervical cancer fears

    Go get the smear it will relieve a lot of anxiety. The longer you put it off the more anxious you will feel

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    Re: Cervical cancer fears

    I have vaginal atrophy as a lovely side-effect of the menopause. Before the meno (and after birthing two big babies) my vageroo could easily handle the biggest speculum (I never even knew the doc had been in!) but last time I was worrying because my foo-foo has shrunk considerably. Anyhoo, I explained all to the lovely nurse and she used the smallest speculum on me and even with my vag woes - I didn't feel anything at all..

    Do go for the smear. It will all be over in a few seconds and in my case, it's been the only action my vagina's seen this year.
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