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Thread: Please help me calm down

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    Please help me calm down

    I was admitted to hospital on Saturday lunch time with effects of Covid, it's now day 17 since I was diagnosed. I was having some chest tightness and coughing, in the morning first thing bit of blood etc, phoned 111 and they said straight to A&E to get checked so I did Saturday lunch time and I've been in hospital ever since, they gave me an xray, no pneumonia thank god but a bit of inflammation and cracking on my left lung, the blood test for blood clots came back slightly raised which it can apparently doesn't mean a clot but they treat it as one until they know its not, I had my CT scan yesterday and I've been told nothing. I had contrast with the CT scan and a few hours later I was having an allergic reaction nose and throat were tight harder to breathe itchy raised bumps the lot. I finally sleep after 3 am once it had calmed down a bit, so I'm just waiting for my scan results and then if they're okay I can go home, but I'm worried about the little crackle in my lung which he thinks is a secondary infection, they have me on amoxicillin. My nose is blocked so I can't breathe through that easily so I get packined thinking I can't breathe and that just sets my anxiety off so much more. I've just eaten my sandwich for tea and it's not looking like I'm going home today.

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    Re: Please help me calm down

    You poor thing..You must be exhausted.

    I would have thought that if there were any doubts about your CT result you would not be left to hang around waiting for news..It's probably just a matter of waiting for the doc to discharge you at any time of the day. You're on amoxicillin which will cover and treat any potential lung infection.

    I do hope you get some good news soon so that you can go home and get some rest and recuperation. Please keep us posted?

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    Re: Please help me calm down

    Hi Shelly, that must be so awful, please try and stay strong. My mum also recently contracted COVID when she went on holiday to my home country and she was diagnosed with Pneumonia in both lungs which was incredibly difficult for our family to hear however she did not need a ventilator and went home and is now thankfully on the mend. It can be difficult to trust doctors and just let them work but sometimes they have to be cautious and make sure you are OK even though for us it sometimes starts to trigger the warning lights. Try not to read too much into it and think that if there is something that the doctors need to do to help you and make you feel more comfortable, they will be on hand.

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