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Thread: Small testicle lump, worried sick :(

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    Small testicle lump, worried sick :(

    Hi, just when I thought I had my HA under control I felt my left testicle and found a small lump about the size of a grain of sand or the end of a biro. Now Iíve felt this lump for around 6 months perhaps longer I canít remember now and for whatever reason I havenít acted on it (very odd I know) I just thought it was a spot. Itís defo on my testicle near the top side, about 5-10mm down. It feels pretty hard but itís not very proud more of a bump instead of a lump. On Sunday I thought Iíd get it checked out, had an appointment today and the doctor took a while to find it and then used the phrase it felt the size of a grain of sand. He told me that most lumps found are nothing to worry about but didnít give me any thoughts on the specifics of what he found, I told him that it had defo hasnít changed in them few months and no tenderness or any other symptoms and he said that he would expect a change in that time, which made me feel better. I have been sent for an ultrasound which as really stressed me out, or is this routine. Iím worrying myself sick here. Now I have to wait for the ultrasound I just want to forget about it for 2 weeks but canít.

    Obviously cancer has to grow from pretty much nothing but if it hasnít changed in months Iím praying itís not too bad, and the level of searching I do on my body most men wouldnít feel this.

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    Re: Small testicle lump, worried sick :(


    I was sent to see a specialist a couple of years ago, as my doctor was unsure what he felt , it was done under the two weeks ruling, the specialist could not feel the lump, but sent me for an ultrasound just to make sure I did not have a tumour there. my results were a couple of epididymal cysts. I had two further ultrasounds the following years and the cysts have not grown,

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    Re: Small testicle lump, worried sick :(

    Same here. I had an ultrasound last December as I was getting swelling on the topside of my testicle which radiated into my hip and thigh. She couldn't find anything that would cause an issue. I get the issue now and again but I think it's actually caused my muscle aches in my back as it also aches there when it occurs.

    I went to the GP several months later as I found a legitimate lump, the GP said about the cysts which can be "10 to a penny". It's good you're on the ball though. Keep checking monthly. It sounds like a simple cyst 👍

    The good thing about getting older is you're less likely to get TC! I guess that's one positive of aging 😂.

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    Re: Small testicle lump, worried sick :(

    I had the ultrasound when I was 34

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    Re: Small testicle lump, worried sick :(

    Thank you for the replies, just waiting on the ultrasound date. Iím trying to best to be calm getting through each day.

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    Re: Small testicle lump, worried sick :(


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