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Thread: New pain in left/lower left abdomen

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    New pain in left/lower left abdomen

    Hi everyone.

    I've had a dull, persistent ache daily in my left abdomen right next to my hip for just over 4 weeks now, with pain that comes and goes in the lower left and can be quite sharp. I feel the ache in my lower left back too and sometimes in the lower right abdomen. Stools are pretty normal and regular since starting a low FODMAP diet 3 weeks ago with no constipation. I did notice some dark red mucus last weekend but has been fine and regular since then. 🧐🙈

    I went to the doctor earlier in the year with similar symptoms, though literally the day before that appointment it cleared up. A blood and urine test came back clear so it was assumed that it was probably an IBS flare-up. I had been diagnosed with IBS about 4 or 5 years prior to that and had an ultrasound scan at that time (some history of ovarian cancer in my family, so was just to be on the safe side really) which was clear but I haven't had any further investigation of that sort for these new symptoms.

    When I was diagnosed years ago it was pain coming and going in my right, so the pain occurring in my left has been a new one for me. I'm worried I'm just doing the classic thing of obsessing over it and making it worse though. I do have an appointment next week to get checked out again and true to my socially anxious form the thought of coming across as a hypochondriac to my doctor worries me just as much as, if not more so than, the possibility of this being any more than an IBS flare-up. I almost feel like an idiot for booking an appointment because realistically I imagine this is just due to me getting myself wound up too much about things. 🤦

    Has anyone else experienced symptoms such as this and/or have any advice? Plus do you get any anxiety, panic and negative self talk around medical appointments?

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    Re: New pain in left/lower left abdomen

    Iíve had this same exact pain, but on my right side. Itís a weird mild aching/burning pain thatís usually right next to my right hip, though sometimes I feel it lower, and also on my hip or back. Iíve had this pain on and off for almost 9 months. Iíve had an ultrasound in March to check my ovaries and uterus, all clear. Bloodwork clear. I had a colonoscopy about 5 years ago that was also all clear (diagnosed with IBS). I donít really have any advice other than to commiserate; I too have been obsessing and focusing on the discomfort, all day every day, which Iím sure makes it worse. I know I need to make an appointment, but I also fear looking like a hypochondriac. I also absolutely hate waiting for test/imaging results, it makes me even more worked up. Iím always doom and gloom and assuming itís cancer, without any real reason, just because thatís my main health anxiety. I hope your appointment goes (or went) well and youíre able to get some answers and some peace of mind.

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