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Thread: Long covid

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    Long covid

    Hi Folks

    My doctor has determined that I suffer from long covid.

    I am over 50 years of age and first tested positive in February this year, although I didn't go to hospital.

    I had my 2 injections in March and May and on both occasions had to take time off work because I was not well - dizziness, issues with memory and concentration, tiredness, and sleepless nights. I still suffer from those symptoms every now and again.

    My doctor has now referred me to a post Covid clinic for which I am waiting for an appointment.

    Had anyone else gone through a similar experience and what did you do in order to resolve it?


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    Re: Long covid

    hi, 2 ladies in our work had it before there vaccines in dec and have sworn by zinc supplements , hope this helps a bit, sorry cant help further as luckily i havent caught it despite being frontline

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    Re: Long covid


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    Re: Long covid

    Before I say this the vast majority of people I know who have had it are totally fine now. But, I have got a friend who has been diagnosed with Long Covid, she is also under the care of the long covid clinic. I think she has found it helpful on some levels although they they quite openly admit that it is a new thing and a lot of it is trial and error because it is so new.

    I think she felt good that her condition was acknowledged and they are trying to help.

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