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Thread: What is wrong with me? Severe "diaphragm" pain on right side

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    What is wrong with me? Severe "diaphragm" pain on right side

    I had a ultrasound for my gallbladder and liver yesterday because I have been suffering from severe shortness of breath and pain in my right "diaphragm" for 1.5 years now. It goes along with chestpain, shoulder pain, side pain, and severe upperback pain. Always on the right side. I've seen the ER 6 times last year due to severe shortness of breath. But they weren't able to find anything. I feel panicky and hyperventilate cause my diaphragm feels like it isn't moving on the right side and feeling like my right lung isn't expanding. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis in August 2020 and these symptoms started March 2020. At first they thought I caught covid, but pcr tests weren't available in my country of the netherlands in March 2020. I was fist tested in May 2020. And it was negative.
    I also suffer very severe upperback pain and rhomboid muscle pains that no one can explain.

    PT said it was poor posture, gp said it was tietze, pulmonary doctor called it hyperventilation syndrome, chiropractor called it slipped rib syndrome, gynochologist said it might be adhesions from endometriosis or endometriosis on the diaphragm. Another gyno said I also suffer ademoyosis and it can happen due to an enlarged uterus. But no one has found a cause. I've had an EKG and stresstest, bloodtests, ultrasound for liver and gallbladder and a lung photo.

    Nothing weird was noticed. My endometriosis lap will happen next month since I also have large cysts in my ovaries and gyno will check my diaphragm.

    But I'm noticing these severe diaphragm pains always go along with panic attacks. The panic attacks subside, but the diaphragm pain still remains. And the shortness of breath as well. I'm new to this website and forum but I read similar stories where women say they also have this tight heavy feeling in their diaphragm area. Like a rock is sitting on it. That's exactely how it feels. And it's constant.

    The ultrasound was taken yesterday and it took about 30 mins. She pressed my diaphragm pretty hard and my liver and kidney as well. Can it be that my diaphragm had gotten really tight after her pressing it for 30 mins?

    In just trying to figure the hell out what's wrong with me. It's always on the right side of my body, I can pinpoint the exact spot. Feels like a heavy stone under my ribcage. I don't have gallbladder stones. And my gallbladder isn't infected. So it's also not that.

    These panic attacks are solved with breathing excersises but come back when I start moving around too much. In my opinion cause I hyperventilate a lot because my right lung isn't expanding the way it should due to diaphragm problems. It feels like it's stuck. Like it's locked up. It's really painful. My belly is rock hard, loads of trapped gas as well. And just feels like I'm 9 months pregnant. I know endometriosis causes a lot of inflammation. But I'm pretty sure I feel this way because of diaphragm issues.

    Does this sound like anxiety or panic attacks to you guys or should I worry about something else? My diaphragm was checked a year ago with this moving fluoroscopy. And nothing weird was found. But since then the pain has gotten way worse.

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    Re: What is wrong with me? Severe "diaphragm" pain on right side

    I'm not a doctor, but it could be down to anxiety. The abdominal tightness could be IBS and the discomfort in your diaphragm could be anxiety related. When my anxiety is at its worst I get all sorts of strange pains due to holding my body tensley the whole time.

    You said they will check your diaphragm next month?

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