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    Can't swallow

    For the past few weeks, I have had trouble swallowing. I try to swallow and it's like my muscles aren't working and I can't swallow. I panic and keep trying and it still doesn't work for a bit. It's so scary. I have lost 10 pounds. Yesterday I was admitted to the ER and they gave me a barium swallow and saw a minor version of that and said my cricopharyngeal muscle is weak and I have esophageal dysmotility. They wouldn't diagnose but said it could be neuromuscular and I'm so panicked. I see a neurologist on Friday. Anyone have any tips to manage the anxiety until Friday and not think the worst? Is there a way this could be anxiety? I've never even heard of the cricopharyngeal muscle...

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    Re: Can't swallow

    I know of many people on here that have had difficulty swallowing as a result of anxiety. It sounds like since this is new for you though it’s good they’re going to run some tests and rule out anything else! Best of luck at the neuro appt and although it’s hard, try not to panic too much while you’re waiting. Try some things that are easier to swallow maybe? Soft foods, etc?

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    Re: Can't swallow

    How is your foot drop? Did the neurologist follow up with that?

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