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Thread: Flickering vision

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    Flickering vision

    Hi all, I've had quite the stressful few months. What's worse is it's accompanied by our old friend health anxiety

    I've been experiencing a whole lot of flickering in my vision, almost daily (but not constant) Sometimes it's in my peripheral vision, other times it's in my central vision. They look like white or black ripples. It seems like it comes around with contrasting light sources. For example, when I'm in a dim room but am staring at a computer screen, when I look away my vision starts to flicker a little bit. Sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep I'll notice the flickering start to happen when I open my eyes. It also happens out of nowhere sometimes. It happens more often than not when I'm tired. My personal pet theory is the constant stress is putting my body into a mode that's more sensitive to light stimulus, maybe it's being reinforced to notice these kinds of things that would be subtle to more people. I'm getting really sick of this, I've tried my best to ignore it. Would appreciate similar stories.

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    Re: Flickering vision

    You pet theory is correct. Hyper-focusing on normal visual anomalies.

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