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Thread: Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

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    Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

    So, anyone have a total fear of doctors & got better? If so would love to know some tips. I get health anxiety as well, but I think its because I'm scared to go to the doctors. My main fear is the BP machine. Im trying to take control over my life (at 40 🤦🏼*♀️) and not let this consume me anymore. I have a general check up in 2 weeks and already my mind is going nuts. I've quit smoking, run at least 1.5 miles everyday, and now starting to eat healthier. However I've noticed my home BP readings are creeping up. Today was 135/85 at the highest 😭 I did just start rechecking yesterday. I check because my readings are always super high at the doctors.. Anyhow, would love any input. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

    That BP is fine though

    Just take along your own readings

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    Re: Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

    I will definitely take them. Thank you

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    Re: Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

    100% get this, hate that feeling when the machine squeezes your arm! Tell the doctor before, I believe it's very common hence why they often loan out BP machines so people can do it at home where they're more relaxed.

    If you've just quit smoking (well done btw) & started exercising etc your body will be in a period of adjustment too which can make BP change.

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    Re: Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

    I developed white coat syndrome a few years ago. This is because I had my BP checked by an inexperienced nurse. My previous BP readings had all been 'normal' or 'fine'. This time, she had a concerned look on her face and said, 'Your blood pressure's high' and my heart started to bang like a shithouse door in a gale! Hello white coat syndrome!

    This is the amygdala in action folks! Which means that every subsequent time I had to have my BP taken - it shot up!

    The reality is that my blood pressure was most likely higher than it should have been because the silly cow had me standing there with my arm hanging down.

    Now I only have to hear the words, 'Let's just take your blood pressure' and mine shoots up, but when I did my own monitoring at home during that time - it was fine.

    I don't advocate the use of home monitors, but I was advised to do this because my subsequent readings were high (obviously) and high BP needed to be ruled out. As it is, I got all normal readings at home. (My BP machine has sat in the cupboard since then)

    Your highest blood pressure reading is normal. It's in the normal - slightly elevated range which you'd expect with anxiety. It's not just the doctor's setting that you fear but the BP machine itself, and I get you because that squeezing sensation as the cuff chokes the arm is horrible!

    Well done for quitting the ciggies. You've just done yourself a massive favour. Give it a few months and you will feel the benefits of that, plus the exercise. And what will you do with the spare money?
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    Re: Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

    My blood pressure is about the same as yours, and both me and my doctor are delighted. High blood pressure runs on both sides of my family. Iíve been on medication since my mid 30s. I now take three medications to keep it below 140/90 at home. Itís always higher at the doctorís office.

    Keep up the good work 😁

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    Re: Fear of doctors & Health Anxiety

    Thanks so much for the replies. I can't wait for this appointment to be over & at the same time anxious about it. Im trying to resist Google & vitals checking until then. For some reason I've been fixated on my heart rate now too. And read way too much. I even tried tested my heart rate recovery after exercise & when it didn't return as fast as I read it should I read more. Which as we know, only makes anxiety worse. I just wish my logical thoughts would over power my anxious ones.

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