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Thread: Help! Hypervigilant of heart!

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    Help! Hypervigilant of heart!

    So I recently had a trigger in my anxiety that might be one of the worst yet. So two weeks ago my anxiety about my heart rate increasing so much continued again and then later I got a feeling in my chest, and my anxiety made me think it was me suddenly gaining "control" over my heart. It made me panic and I'm worried about thinking about high numbers because then my anxiety goes into overdrive. I have been a bit rational about it and remained calm but it makes me worried. Any advice? Thanks

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    Re: Help! Hypervigilant of heart!

    The more you worry about your heart rate the worse its going it get. If you are concerned about your heart I definitely recommend talking to a doctor. That's what I did. She did an EKG that came back normal. I still worry sometimes but having the reassurance from a doctor helps when those thoughts creep in.

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    Re: Help! Hypervigilant of heart!


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    Re: Help! Hypervigilant of heart!

    Yes, i agree with Kuraimoar. See your GP. I think you can get a face to face appointment now. All the best.

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