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    Hi all
    This is my first post but I am really struggling at the moment. I started off a couple of weeks ago with a constant feeling of dread and nervousness. This has escalated to bloating, burning in throat, trapped wind and nausea. I feel anxious most days about the silliest of things. Iím getting to the point of fear of eating due to the worry of bloating etc. Iíve just eaten and feel sick with worry.

    Obviously my HA has kicked in and Iím convinced I have stomach cancer!

    Help! Anyone else felt this way?


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    Re: Symptoms

    Hi Vanessa, I have been suffering with these symptoms apart from the burning in throat , which is likely acid reflux due to anxiety. i have had tests, and seen a dietician and she thinks that my symptoms are IBS and maybe a gluten intolerance although i tested negative for Celiac disease.. She told me that anxiety can wreak havoc with your stomach and digestive system. I would have a chat with GP but I am sure its not cancer. I am still very bloated as we speak have been for ages. I hope this helps.

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