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    Claire Weekes

    Claire Weekes’ four methods of managing symptoms of anxiety: face the symptoms – do not run away; accept what is taking place – do not fight; float with your feelings – do not tense; let time pass – do not be impatient.

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    I have really found her books helpful in the past.

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    These were the first (audio) books I tried and at the time I didn't find them helpful. However after a few years it really hit home that acceptance is one of the main tools. She has the most wonderful reassuring voices too. She was ahead of her time. Some talks are on youtube too.

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    Hi would anyone be able to suggest which of Dr Weekes' books is best for managing anxiety? Or do they need to be read in order?

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    They are all good and read them in any order.

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