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Thread: Rabies fear, please help

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    Rabies fear, please help

    I just picked up my garbage and rebagged it because raccoons had gotten at it. I wasnít even thinking to put gloves on because I didnít think rabies was a thing without a bite. Iím so scared because I realized I have a little cut on my finger. Iím afraid that the garbage might have had rabid saliva on it and gotten into my cut! There were no raccoons in sight, so I didnít come into direct contact with them. But I didnít know until tonight that you can get it by getting saliva in a cut.

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    Re: Rabies fear, please help

    Fresh saliva, maybe. Saliva on garbage that has been long abandoned by raccoons? Absolutely not. It doesn't live that long outside the body. I googled it for you - rabies virus only lives outside the body for a couple of seconds.

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