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Thread: Catching two colds in the space of a month

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    Catching two colds in the space of a month

    I just recovered from a weird cold that started in my throat. Then around a week later I get the same sore throat and illness feeing but no runny nose. Iím now spiralling that either my body couldnít fight the first cold or that somethings weakened my immune system to catch another cold this quickly. I donít know why this has happened since due to Covid and things I havenít had any type of illness in almost 2 and a half years. Do you think itís possible that itís because Iíve noticed Iíve been suffering more with my mental health and ids made me sick? Or is something wrong because this doesnít seem normal for me. Itís giving me so much anxiety that Iíve started having panic attacks again

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    Re: Catching two colds in the space of a month

    There are so many different viruses going round at the moment because people are mixing again. You haven't had much exposure in the last couple of years so you're catching these things now all at once. This doesn't mean you have anything wrong with your immune system x

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