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Thread: Genetic cancer syndromes

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    Genetic cancer syndromes

    I had my first ever colonoscopy today due to my family history of bowel cancer. They found polyps and diagnosed me with something I'd never heard of called Serrated Polyposis, which means I get this type of polyp and will have to have colonoscopies every 18 months from now on. My health anxiety has been going on ever since I've been aware of this family history, but my consolation has always been that it might not be hereditary. Now it is confirmed that it's not only hereditary, but I'm at high risk of cancer myself. I'm told this is manageable with the regular colonoscopies, but it's incredibly difficult for me to know that I need to do that meticulously for life now otherwise I'm at very high risk of cancer. I'm also worried about them missing things, or having cancer develop in the time between screenings etc. I feel really lost and really sad.
    Does anybody else have any kind of genetic syndrome that leads to high cancer risk? How did you come to terms with it? Do you manage to not think about it all the time?

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    Re: Genetic cancer syndromes

    I am at high risk for several types of cancer. I had genetic testing done and it was all clean, but my sister and I had a breast lump in the very same spot. Mine turned out to not be cancer. My sis wasnít so lucky. Herís was cancerous. I also have dozens of moles and fair skin. My grandma had skin cancer, but no one remembers what kind it was. And, several of my aunts and uncles on my dadís side died in their 60s from non alcoholic liver cirrhosis. So, I have a few things in my genes that put me at high risk.

    Honestly, these are the things I worry least about. I am watched very closely. If I do get breast or skin cancer, or liver disease, I know itís going to be found early. If I feel something strange in one of my breasts while Iím the shower, all I have to do it text my breast doctor. I get an appointment within ten days and my doc determines what other tests I need. Theyíre usually completed on the same day.

    I got mole mapped over a decade ago. I see my dermatologist every six months. He compares all my moles to my pics.

    I think itís the same for you. You are going to find anything wrong early on when they can just zap it off and take care of it before it can do you much harm.

    Best wishes to you,

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