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Thread: Long term follow up

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    Long term follow up

    I started a thread back in 2017 and here is a long term follow up

    It has now been 4 years on .25 Zoloft and I have been 100% panic free
    I have had no uneasy side effects in 4 years arguably I can say I gained 2 or 3lbs but I am getting older (mid 50's) so I'll chalk it up to that.
    I have no issues if I miss a day or two, not recommended but I forget sometimes.
    I will say it has toned me down as a person I was very much super lively and now things have slowed a bit in my personality but I would not say it's a bad thing I still have a ton of energy and am very active.
    No more do I go places with Ativan as a crutch, or get nervous about being away from any type of medical attention.

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    Re: Long term follow up

    Thanks for the update. Glad sertraline is working so well for you.

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