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Thread: Irregular spotting

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    Irregular spotting

    Hi guys, Iíve been off these forums for a while, but that doesnít mean my anxiety has gone away. In fact, tonight it has gone through the roof.

    So I went to the loo and wiped and had some distinctive red streaks of blood that then turned to pink when I wiped more and lots of watery, clear discharge.

    Iíve also had a bit of an ache in my left hip the past two days, but nothing Iíve needed to take anything for. I thought I just strained it at the gym or sitting funny. Of course, my anxiety thinks the worst.

    I suffer with awful HA (for many years, triggered by the loss of a relative in my teens) and I also have IBS.

    Iíve been stressed and busy this month so Iím not sure if Iíve ovulated. My period is due this Friday (so four days time) however, it can sometimes be later nearly five weeks (which is normal for me) and not always on 28 days (some months it is). Iíve never had spotting this far before it. And the last early period I had was when I was a teen.

    Iíve had a couple of periods recently that have been a little bit longer than usual but flow has been the same.

    In 2014 I had blood tests, ovary scans, hormone tests, you name it, all fuelled by anxiety and they came back fine. I havenít had a smear yet as Iím not far past the age to get one (big anxiety fear of mine, but thatís another story).

    I donít really have any females to ask but is it normal to have spotting and discharge like this a week before your period?

    I havenít had sex in a long time, only ever been with one guy and definitely not pregnant lol.

    Any help greatly appreciated x

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    Re: Irregular spotting

    Honestly, I've had this before. I know it's tough with HA, but chances are it's just your body being weird. I certainly wouldn't see a doctor about it this month.
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    Re: Irregular spotting

    Iíve had spotting before, I got myself into a complete state over it, saw the GP, she panicked because of my previous breast cancer diagnosis and the link between that and ovarian cancer and sent me for urgent scans.

    Needless to say there wasnít anything there, just one of those things and I had worked myself up for nothing. My friend also had spotting despite having a hysterectomy, again nothing wrong with her.

    If you take the contraceptive pill this can also cause spotting.

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    Re: Irregular spotting

    Thank you ladies. This HA is a nightmare at times, isnít it?! It appears it was a one-off incident as nothing since, still my period is due any time so could be due to that too or just chalk it up to stress, ibs and me panicking. Itís just annoying itís gynae issues that always cause the most panic 😑 x

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    Re: Irregular spotting

    They're my big phobia, too.

    I landed up on ADs because of spotting; luckily I found a brilliant GP who didn't immediately jump to referrals and testing, which would have put me through the roof. She told me that periods are weird and spotting is seldom a big deal. After a year or so, my body apparently sorted itself out.
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