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Thread: Mildy elevated Ferritin

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    Mildy elevated Ferritin

    Hi All,

    I have alopecia areata and have had it for over 20 years. Was last investigated back when it first started nothing since.

    Its currently at its worst and has been like this for 3 months so decided to approach my GP about it and had my bloods done. UE, LFT, FBC, TSH , FER, B12 FOl ,CRP.

    Everything except ferritin has come back normal, unfortunately my ferrtin is mildly elevated and it has sent me into a complete spin about Haemachromatosis and malignancy etc....

    The range for women my age is upto 150 and mine is 162, apart from the alopecia I am otherwise fit and well no aches and pains nothing and as above all my other bloods are fine...perfect in fact!

    My heart rate is well up and am in full panic and not sure what to do not really been given any advice as yet....

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    Re: Mildy elevated Ferritin

    I used to have this (like you, quite mildly) and now I am a regular blood donor, and nowadays I actually struggle with LOW ferritin. Worth a thought?

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