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Thread: illogical rabies fear

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    illogical rabies fear

    About 3 weeks ago I noticed on my upper thigh was 2 scabs. My mind immediately went to BAT, then rabies, then horrible death. Logically in order to have rabies you would need to SEE a bat. I did not. I have scoured my room for a dead one, in case it bit me while I was sleeping, I think I would have seen or felt one awake. I know that its more likely that I scratched some hair follicles or almost anything else, however I cannot get it out of my head. Now my"normal" anxiety symptoms all lead to beginning neurological stages of rabies. I cannot stop even though I know its ridiculous. How can I rationalize it and still be afraid, it makes no sense to me anymore. With anything else I could go have it checked and be done, with rabies the only way to know is to die. I could go get a vaccine treatment but no sane doctor will do it without reasonable cause and I cannot afford to pay out of pocket. I read it can take up to 13 months for it to happen sometimes how will I make it 13 months with the nagging possibilities?! Sorry to bother you all, Im not sure what Im looking for because I know no matter what is said I will still wonder.

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    Re: illogical rabies fear

    Hey, I've replied to a number of other people on this topic before, but I didn't want your post to go without an answer. Are you feeling any better now? Imho you're doing pretty well because you absolutely get that your fear isn't rational - there are many who post here who seem to believe the stories their mind is telling them. So, your mind immediately went to bat, rabies etc? That suggests to me that you've had this fear before. Sounds to me like classic OCD, and believe me I've been there and done that. The question I always ask myself now when I get an episode is what else is going on in my life that I don't want to deal with. Am I angry, hurt, insecure etc etc? My brain is a shocker for displacement if I'm not mindful enough to catch it. You know rationally it wasn't a bat - so what might be going on in your life that you're displacing? Is the invisible bat a mixture of that and death angst? Not sure if any of that will help, but feel free to PM me if you'd like.

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