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Thread: Lymphoma fear

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    Lymphoma fear


    Unfortunately, I'm back again due to a trigger in the news this week about a young healthy footballer diagnosed with lymphoma.

    I'm a very fit, athletic (skinny) 28 year old and do a lot of exercise. I run every day.

    I've always been able to feel my lymph nodes in my groin which I'm not concerned about as I know they've always been there. However, in 2019 I noticed 2 lumps on my neck which I went to my GP about, he wasn't too concerned and sent me for some blood tests and they were all clear. The lumps are still there now but they haven't changed so I'm okay with them.

    My main concern now is a large lump under my armpit, about an inch in size, soft and moveable. I went to see my GP about this one in June this year and he wasn't too concerned. It is about double the size to the one on the other side. Again, he wasn't too concerned and he just said if it gets any bigger or if I get any other symptoms then come back. The lump has not got any bigger in 4 months and I'm definitely not tired or in any pain. I do suffer from some night sweats but I put this down to the warm weather.

    I'm just concerned because I don't think it is normal to have quite a big lump under my armpit and have heard some horror stories about lymphoma in healthy people.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Lymphoma fear

    The fact that it hasnít changed in size over 4 months, is soft and movable points to a benign lymphnode if what your feeling is even a lymphnode to begin with.

    Lymphoma is a scary disease to be sure but honestly blood cancers when compared to other types of cancer are pretty rare. Stop checking your lymphnodes, they can and often do react to being poked. There is no reason for one to periodically check their lymphnodes. If one should become problematic it will make itself known.

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    Re: Lymphoma fear

    I haven't been on here for months since I started anxiety meds my health anxiety has stabled. But can slowly feel it creeping back and this time it's because the palms of my hands keep itching on off without a rash. Obvs googled and came up lymphoma. I itch my scalp alot but I think that's because I wear my hair up alot. I have a lump on my inner arm which has been there nearly 2 years I've had it scanned but was normal. I'm going dr on monday ask him to do some bloods

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