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    Hiya 2 years Feb coming I found a lump on my inner elbow had it scanned was normal. My health anxiety has been brill since starting anxiety meds but can feel it slowly creeping back. My palms of my hands have been itching on n off past few weeks and I'm scared its lymphoma. My scalp itches but I wear my hair up alot. I dont think I have any swollen lymph nodes. I have a tiny pea sized lump in my neck under ear to the right which has been there as long as I can remember so not worried about that. I cant see what the itching can be. I had covid months ago and came out in hives also all over my palms that cleared after 12 days but just wondering if that could be the reason. I'm freaking out

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    There are lots of reasons for itching most of which are not a cause for concern. Did you change anything? Laundry soap, body soap etc? You can see the doctor about it if you choose but often times they arenít able to pin a reason down since a lot of times itís environmental.

    On and off itchy palms does not equal lymphoma.

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