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Thread: Tongue Veins…

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    Unhappy Tongue Veins…

    Hi again,
    I’ve been having some bad flareups of OCD lately, I think mostly because I haven’t been able to see my therapist in a few weeks. Today, I started poking around in my mouth, and noticed the veins under my tongue look dark purple and kind of thick whenever I press my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I know it sounds so silly, and I’m sure the stretching of my tongue is making the veins look bigger, but I started thinking too much about it, and now keep thinking there’s something wrong with me… I’m 24, no smoking, drinking, etc. I have varicose veins in my legs (genetics on my mom’s side, she got them early on too & has had some removed) and have read that they can develop under the tongue, too: now I’m thinking about scary things. 😭😭 I tried to look at my fiancé’s for reassurance and his look so much smaller than mine!

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    Re: Tongue Veins…

    Oh bless you, I had exactly the same thing last year and I had forgotten all about it!

    It's awful isn't it. I can assure you they will be fine. The more you stick your tongue out to look, the more they will respond so try to distract yourself.
    All manner of thing shall be well... (Julian of Norwich)

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