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Thread: Burning sensations in leg. MS fears.

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    Burning sensations in leg. MS fears.

    Hi everyone,
    I've noticed a strange sensation in my left thigh a few times in the last couple of months.
    It is like a rush of water dripping on my leg and then when I touch it there is nothing there. Its like a warm feeling but not burning.

    I've now started getting tingling and prickling all across my legs.

    I've asked others if they have felt this water sensation but they haven't.

    My anxiety and stress levels have become very high the last few weeks and the doctor said he thinks its more likely stress but as a typically Ha sufferer and don't believe him.

    I've been pretty good the last few months other than this last 3/4 weeks when every sensation is heightened.

    Can anyone relate?

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    Re: Burning sensations in leg. MS fears.

    I'm sure some here can relate but its not MS in the least based on your post.

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