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Thread: Anxiety getting worse regarding ocd contamination.

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    Anxiety getting worse regarding ocd contamination.


    I have been getting very intense anxious thoughts with regards to my ocd contamination.

    For example, today I ate some baked beans and part the way through, I got a new spoon out of the dishwasher. The spoon was very dirty and hadnít been washed properly, when I used the dishwasher yesterday. I am now very anxious, thinking Iím gonna get poisoned. The first spoon I used, I rinsed under the tap cos a bit of food was also on a pan I used, which Iíve cleaned.

    Also, I worry about germs on my floors. I donít get too anxious about that but the problem is, if I know part of the floor is dirty and thereís something important nearby. Something I need to keep. I canít bare the thought of keeping it even if I cleaned it first.

    When I ordered fish and chips online and theyíve got delivered in a carrier bag and no paper around the box, I havenít eaten them. I ordered a dinner online. Wonít be doing that again. One time, it got delivered without a bag.

    Any advice and support much appreciated.

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    Re: Anxiety getting worse regarding ocd contamination.

    Hi there ...

    I understand, I have a problem with other people touching my food. I used to ask them to wear gloves and I got the feeling they added "special sauce" if you know what I mean. I only order from 1 place because I trust them and know they understnad my OCD; they know me real well. Otherwise, I don't trust just anybody to make my food. I'd rather eat PBJ. \

    Hope all is well


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