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Thread: Got covid and am scared

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    Got covid and am scared

    I'm on day 6 of Covid and am very scared. Symptoms not as bad as flu, but I'm on my own. Just want my Mum to be able to come and look after me. I called the Samaritans last night as I thought I might die alone. Can't stop shaking. I'm 54, pretty fit and active, a little overweight, but not much. My diet is really healthy (mainly unprocessed plant based). I didn't get jabbed as I was too scared to. I'm not a big fan of drugs on the whole. Please don't judge me. Seeking reassurance.

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    Re: Got covid and am scared


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    Re: Got covid and am scared

    Nobody will judge you so please don't worry about that.

    How are you feeling now? You're hopefully over the worst of it now but you must be feeling pretty isolated and alone. Can you ring your Mum?

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    Re: Got covid and am scared

    Hopefully you will be okay if you've only had relatively mild symptoms and are already six days in. Whether it's Covid or anything else, being ill and alone is the worst thing. I wasn't well for a few days recently and it is so frightening, so I know how you must be feeling. Just keep a close eye on whether your symptoms are getting better or worse and if you are worried, call 111.

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    Re: Got covid and am scared

    I actually ate last night, so feel that's positive. My Mum lives about 20 doors away from me, but I need a hug. Thanks for your response.

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    Re: Got covid and am scared

    Think I'm improving, but it's very up and down. At least I managed to eat something last night. It's hard to tell sometimes which symptoms are real and which are anxiety related/imagined.

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    Re: Got covid and am scared

    Yes it must be. Anxiety will definitely make you more aware of perceived symptoms which may not be related to covid but it's easy for me to say this and far more difficult for you to turn down the anxiety "dial" when you're feeling rotten.

    At least your mum is very close even if you can't see her while you're ill. Every day's a day now towards feeling better.

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    Re: Got covid and am scared

    Hey Ninnie, I'm in exactly the same position. I'm 5 days in now, 47 yrs old, not jabbed as was also fearful of that. Fortunately not to live on my own - but hubby now also has Covid which is a worry in itself as he is 66. I have no underlying health conditions except a bit overweight. I'm frankly terrified though - my symptoms seem to keep changing and today my chest became more tight. It is hard to untangle the anxiety symptoms from the Covid. How are you doing? You are a few days ahead of me - did you notice things got a bit worse before they got better?

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    Re: Got covid and am scared

    Me too I tested positive Thursday symptoms started Monday, I too am un jabbed due to fear and also classed as highly vulnerable. If I’m honest felt worse but the HA is still there giving me the what ifs.
    Wednesday was my worst day literally had no energy stiff neck felt cold but no temperature but now I just have a blocked nose and a slightly sore throat I’m hoping I’m over the worst ��

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