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Thread: Not feeling great :(

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    Not feeling great :(

    Have not posted here for a while, but still have multiple symptoms. The other night I had a nightmare and it felt like I woke up with a panic attack? Whenever I turn on news someone has died of cancer which does not help.

    Current issues range from vague to real and seem everywhere

    Stomach being main one ,actual physical discomfort in solar plexus and rib, on left feels sensitive to the touch.. Strange empty sensation in stomach, nausea, feels like an effort to eat as if food drying up in mouth. Lots of noisy gurgling and rumbling after Eating but not much burping so I'm worried this is not GERD .

    Pains in neck and ribs that move around.

    Cold feet for no reason to all day in warm house while wearing socks and slippers .then at night
    they feel hot and uncomfortable.

    Numb sensation in toes

    Wake up sweaty

    Toilet issues.

    Tired and dizzy

    Intermittent pain top of head

    I am going to have to make appt with doc but I'll try and stick to facts so he doesn't think im mad.

    Anyone offer me any positive thoughts as im struggling a bit today.
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    Re: Not feeling great :(

    It could be all anxiety related.

    Keep trying to distract yourself and keep busy until your doctors appointment. Definitely don't google.

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    Re: Not feeling great :(

    Too late been googling 😟 never learn

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    Re: Not feeling great :(

    Sounds like classic anxiety symptoms to me.
    I have GERD and donít burp much so Iím not sure where you got that from, but I do have all your other symptoms from that and anxiety too.

    You are posting a lot of different threads and it might be best to just concentrate on one so that you arenít wasting time.

    Call your doctor and get an appointment. In the meantime keep a food diary and symptoms diary. Write what you were doing when you experienced each symptom, how long it lasted rate it as how much it bothers you out of 10. Write about how you were feeling at the time too.

    All of this will help to centre you a bit and stop you googling. It will also help you and the doctor to see any patterns.

    Do you take any medication? Factor that in too.

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    Re: Not feeling great :(

    Sorry been in a bit of a state today , but thanks for replying. Trying to stay calm and eating drinking small amounts.

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    Re: Not feeling great :(

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well .. I can relate as I've also been quite Tired and dizzy myself. Yeah, we have to eat something to prevent getting sicker.

    wishing you well

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    Re: Not feeling great :(

    Contacted docs today, worry going through the roof. Wish me luck 😟

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