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Thread: Indention in arm after shot

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    Indention in arm after shot

    Hi guys,

    I was rubbing my upper / outer arm last night and noticed an area where there is an intention. About the size of a quarter. It feels like there is a void in my arm. Nothing under the skin. The muscle and fat are just gone. It is completely different on the other side. I was so weirded out and then I realized it is in the exact same place I got my Pfizer vaccine. After my second shot, my arm had a slight reaction and for about a week I had a swollen knot in my arm. Now, months later, I just notice this deep indention like hole in my arm mass. Does anyone else have this?? Could it be anything sinister?? Tried to find people with similar stories and nothing.

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    Re: Indention in arm after shot

    When you say no fat or muscle, is there just a layer of skin over your bone?

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    Re: Indention in arm after shot

    Yes it’s like if you press on the skin it just goes in for about a half and inch, where everywhere else doesn’t go in at all. There’s a circular “hole” in the muscle under my skin. I could only find “lipoatrophy” online which some people get after injections but I’m kind of freaked out

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