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Thread: Upper left abdominal pain

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    Upper left abdominal pain


    Currently in a state of panic about upper left abdominal pain that comes and goes. I had a endoscopy 6 months ago, had some swallowing issues. Nothing found except hiatus hernia and schiatski ring.
    I have suffered from reflux long term, take omeperazole. Swallowing issues followed up and they said it was silent reflux.
    Left sided upper abdo pain appeared in August, then eased off. Now back again. I知 petrified, think it might be pancreatic c.
    I suffer from IBS, had lower endoscopy years ago. I swing between constipation and diarrhoea. Have wonders whether psin Could be from wind trapped? Had diarrhoea episode this morning hand have spent the day panicking. Obviously terrorising myself with Dr Google and a variety of forums.

    Anyone help? I知 sick of myself. No pun intended. Thanks.

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    Re: Upper left abdominal pain


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    Re: Upper left abdominal pain

    Hi, I have just read your post now and wanted to send a reply. I have had similar issues to this on and off for years. First occasion was back in 2010 and have a similar episode which lasts about 2 months every year or two since then. Each time have been petrified of pancreatic cancer and have ended up having ultrasounds, MRI's and even an endoscopic ultrasound a couple of years ago (as preceeding that particular occasion I had a confirmed pancreatitis attack and was terrified of what had caused it when i'd never had one before). Every time the results have obviously come back fine. Basically it has been put down in the most part to IBS, in particular trapped wind where the bowel bends around in the top left corner (splenic flexure syndrome). My last MRI was Jan this year I think from memory and the rest of this year since then has been pretty good, I went on Cymbalta to try and treat the mystery pains and anxiety. Just having a flare up again at the moment which is frustrating, seems like clockwork always around this time of year!

    I hope you're feeling better? I hope it's reassuring to know others have suffered from same thing and it was benign.

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    Re: Upper left abdominal pain

    Thanks for replying. I知 hoping it is IBS related. I can sometimes feel bubbles of wind in the area.

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